Friday, November 6, 2015

How a Game Can Save Our Families

Some time ago I read a blog post on How the Cigar Can Save America. The post was brilliant in its simplicity. Time, this is the problem these days. Time. And time is what a cigar gives, no, forces upon you. When you smoke a cigar you have no choice but to relax and hopefully talk. When it comes to the family, I think the board game achieves the same thing.

In America, we have the iPads, iPods, phones, tablets, TV's and Computers and probably a hundred other things I have failed to list. With Netflix we can binge watch five episodes of our show and then turn on the DVR to catch the show from last night. We are only able to do that, however, if we get done with our work/school assignment and so on. Sometimes it has nothing to do with all of these things, but just the business of life in general. We are just busy.

Into this mix I would like you to take another look at board games. I think that in many ways, a board game can save our families. We have a world filled with busyness, a world filled with so much to do, whether that is entertainment or work related doesn't matter, we are too busy to talk, and to a family, this is pretty much Kryptonite. How, can we raise children if we never talk to them. How can our kids ever know we even have opinions on huge topics like God and church, how can they know, if we never say.

Yes, in a perfect world we would all gather together each night for a time of family devotion, a time of reflection and prayer, filled with God's Word. I hope that all of you take the time to do this, if not every night then at least some nights, you can start off with a simple devotion and work to fill it with more and more as time goes on. However, it does not dimish the importance of games. It does not diminish the need for moments of fun and free talk as a family. In fact, family games can do a lot to add to what you are already doing through devotions and prayer. They can add to the conversation, and they are a lot of fun to boot.

A board game forces us to sit down and enjoy one anothers company. Yes, a lot of the conversation is focused on the game, but not all of it. It can be a time to put away the computers and ipad and so on and roll the dice, flip the card and remember that it can be really nice to talk to a real person once in awhile. And on top of that, especially families with children, it can be a chance for your children to really get to know you. They can get to know you, not as the disciplinarian, not as the one always saying no, but as the loving, caring parent who is right then and there taking time to be with them.

Pick a night, grab your kids and pick up a game of Yahtzee or Scrabble, maybe a deck of cards would be best, anything but Risk, that game makes enemies (ok, I'm just joking, but seriously, that game can take days...days of awesomeness!) Sit down and have some fun as a family, and don't worry, Netflix will be there tomorrow, as will Facebook.