Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Than Just a Blog.

When I first started the MYConfirmation webpage my goal was to have a place where I could place a few things online for my Confirmation Class at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Wausau Wisconsin. After building the site, I realized that the capabilities were more than I could have ever hoped for. However, before I had an opportunity to truly explore, I took a call to St. John's Lutheran Church in Green Valley Illinois. Needless to say, well over a year after I built the site, the first complete class is now on the site. The class is on the Gospel of Mark and has worksheets and videos. I hope to have more in the future, but it will certainly take some time. Check it out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sometimes The Old Ways Are Better

In my mind it took an action movie to truly capture a generation. I am no psychologist and if I tried to do a break down of every generation from X, Y to Z I would find myself miss labeling someone. However, there is something in the air, there is something that I can feel that is out and about in the culture of today. I would maybe say it was American, but then again, I think a film about England captured it best.

In the movie Skyfall, the 2012 James Bond film, we see a certain move back to the, "old ways." It becomes almost a refrain throughout the movie. The ending becomes just shy of a new ways vs. old ways, and the old ways win.

I feel a similar thought going on in the culture today. I see many people returning to the old ways of doing things. Now, to be fair, most of them are doing it because they see it as a fun hobby, or healthier or what have you, but it is there. Organic food and food produced with less and less processes involved is on the rise. People are looking for specialty shops for their hobbies such as bikes and (at least in my case) brewing beer. People want to learn how to do things with their hands, and they are willing to take the time to do it right.

In many ways I feel the church should be at the forefront of this. We have a lot of things that are done in the church in which we have abandoned the old ways, and it would be nice to see some of them come back. On the other hand we have some things within the church that were never abandoned, but we often times fail to teach the next generation.

Now to be fair, not all, "old ways" need to come back. Some of them were abandoned for a reason. Let's not forget that an out house, is an, "old way" but I think I'll stick with indoor plumbing. However, others were abandoned not because a better way came about, but because a cheaper, faster way came about. With that cheaper, faster way, we also got lower quality. On top of all of this, I feel that we did away with a lot of other ways of learning in the church. When you sew the church linens yourself, it is important to understand colors and symbols, when you buy them from a catalog your pastor or secretary can make sure the correct ones are gotten without any conversation.

Each church does things just a little different, each church has their own traditions and methods in how they do things. Search through some of them, what are some of the things that you abandoned due to convenience? My guess, there are some things that were abandoned that could very easily come back. There are probably other things as well, things that will take people that are skilled. If you are fortunate enough to have those people within your church, it might be nice to ask them if they would be willing to teach others.

As people, as a church, I feel we are blessed with all kinds of people. People that really love getting into a book, people who love to work with their hands, people who just love their church. There are so many ways both old and new to get involved, I hope that as we move into the future that we also keep and eye on the past. Sometimes we could look at all the new ways, but sometimes, the old ways are better.